SFU-TSSU Labour Update: University and TSSU Conclude Final Offer Selection

November 30, 2015

The University and TSSU have now concluded the Final Offer Selection process that was initiated by an agreement between the parties in late October. Under the terms of the agreement, the University and the Union have continued to negotiate on the remaining language and monetary proposals.  

The signing of the agreement resulted in both parties withdrawing some proposals, and signing off on others. During the negotiations the parties approved further language changes.

In addition, the parties agreed to establish a joint sub committee on costing. The sub committee consisted of members from the Union and the University.

The sub committee met for the purpose of costing the union's monetary proposals.

The University and the Union prepared written submissions to the arbitrator, Vince Ready, on issues that had not been resolved by the end of the 21-day negotiation period. Mr. Ready heard oral presentations from both parties on Friday November 27th, and he is currently preparing his decision on which proposal will be incorporated into the collective agreement. At this point we do not know when this decision will be made.