SFU-TSSU Labour Update: TSSU Grade Withholding FAQ for Students

August 04, 2015

The University and the TSSU are both seeking a mutually agreeable outcome from the bargaining process. During this labour dispute, it is the University’s intention to continue its operations. In order to help students manage during this situation, the University is providing information that students need should their grades be withheld due to job action. We are not anticipating pickets or class/exam cancellations at this time, but should they occur, we will provide more information for students. Please keep yourself informed about this situation by checking labour update website regularly.

  1. I’ve heard that TAs, TMs and Sessional Instructors won’t be giving students their grades. What does this mean?

    As part of its job action, TSSU is advising its members to withhold grades from the University and from the students as a means of escalating job action. This means that although the work will be graded, you will not receive your grade until the job action is over. Nevertheless, you will be able to get verbal feedback on your work from the TA, TM or Sessional Instructor. Ultimately, all grades will be reported and no student will lose grades or credits as the result of job action.

  2. What happens if my final grades are delayed and I need them for reasons such as admission to graduate school, an employment opportunity, scholarship purposes, study permit renewal, or athlete eligibility?

    After August 12, 2015 and once you have completed all required course work and exams, you can contact the Registrar’s Office at urecords@sfu.ca to explain your circumstances. The Registrar’s Office will provide you with a letter, addressed to the appropriate organization, to explain that your grade(s) is/are not available.

  3. I am taking a course this term as a prerequisite for a course in the next term, but the submission of a final grade is delayed. What will happen if I do not pass the prerequisite?

    Students who have not passed the prerequisite once final grades are reported will be dropped from the course that requires the prerequisite. Students who believe that their performance in a prerequisite course may not have achieved the standard required are advised to discuss their performance with their TA, TM, instructor, or faculty member, as appropriate.

  4. How will the University make sure I am informed about job action on campus?

    Please check the labour update website regularly. It can be found at www.sfu.ca/labourupdate.