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If you are a parent who would like to participate in SFU Family Research Visit studies, please fill out this form!

You may be contacted by labs researching topics relevant to you, concerning cognitive development (e.g. language and social behaviour) in children.

For multi-child households, please write all fields in the same order. For instance, if three children's names are given as "Chidi; Dylan; Evelyn" then the relevant fields below it should have Chidi's information first, Dylan's second, and Evelyn's last.

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Please share all of the languages that your child(ren) is/are exposed to, with estimates of how much of their time is spent around each one. For instance, if Chidi and Dylan are enrolled in an Armenian daycare 6 hours/day (which Evelyn is too small to attend) and have French-speaking parents, their entries might look like the above.