Former Undergraduate Staff

Szera Pinter

Undergraduate research fellow: Fall 2016 - Summer 2018

Szera Pinter majored in Linguistics at SFU, with a minor in Learning and Developmental Disabilities. She is interested in language acquisition and enjoys working with children. She is currently a student in UBC's Speech-Language Pathology program, aiming to pursue a career in speech pathology.

Erin Jastrzebski

Undergraduate research fellow: Fall 2016 - Summer 2018

Erin Jastrzebski majored in Linguistics at SFU, and minored in Psychology. She is particularly interested in motor development and language acquisition in children and the non-acoustic aspects of language that can facilitate effective communication. Erin previously completed a certificate in equine sport therapy and hopes to continue her passion for rehabilitation by becoming an SLP with a focus on therapy for people with myofunctional or neurological conditions and injuries.

She has moved on to become a student in the University of Alberta's Speech-Language Pathology program.

Cathy Lin

Lab Manager: Fall 2016 - Summer 2017

Cathy graduated with a BA in Psychology with a minor in Linguistics at SFU. She started at the LangDev lab as a co-op student, and continued to work on the MusicLang project. Cathy was involved in several programs at school including the Linguistics Student Union, Peer Education, and the Autism Mentorship Initiative. After leaving the lab, she entered the Masters program in Speech-Language Pathology program at UBC. Her hobbies include drinking tea, candle-making, and delicious food.

Keren Sun

Mitacs Intern: Summer 2017

Keren Sun is an undergraduate student at Fudan University. She spent two years in the Department of Micro-electronics, and then switched to the Department of French where she's found her enthusiasm for linguistics. Her main interests include psycholinguistics, neuroscience, phonology and language acquisition. After her Mitacs Summer Internship Program in the lab, she finished her undergraduate degree and is entering a Masters program in Computational Linguistics at Brandeis University.

Former Volunteers

Laura Dand

Summer 2017 - Summer 2018

Laura completed a major in Linguistics major and a certificate in Speech Sciences at SFU. She finished her degree at SFU after studying Linguistics in both Ireland and Scotland. She is particularly interested in impeding biological and environmental factors on language acquisition and development. Now that she's graduated, she intends to complete her Masters in Speech-Language Pathology at UBC (beginning her program Fall 2018) and develop innovative therapeutic tools for children with speech disorders.  

Erin Czeck

Fall 2017 - Summer 2018

Erin is an SFU alum, having achieved a BA studying Linguistics and French. She is particularly interested in infant language acquisition, specially in multilingual environments, as well as adult additional-language acquisition. She has moved to Victoria to continue her life adventures and career advancement there.

Sarah Mulhall

Fall 2016 - Spring 2018

Sarah Mulhall pursued her major in Linguistics with a Certificate in Speech Sciences at SFU. Her main interests within linguistics include phonology, phonetics, and language acquisition.

Soraya Mazhari

Fall 2016 - Summer 2017 

Soraya Mazhari graduated from SFU with a BA in Linguistics, with a minor in Learning & Developmental Disabilities. She is especially interested in the science of speech and atypical development during L1 acquisition. Soraya loves working with children, which is reflected by her 8 years of work as a sports coach and more recent volunteer experience with students with autism. After leaving the lab, she entered the Masters program in Speech-Language Pathology Program at UBC.


Hasti Halakoeei

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Hasti Halakoeei completed her BA in linguistics at SFU and finished a Directed Research Project wth Dr. Henny Yeung on the production and perception of prosodic prominence in Persian/Farsi. Hasti is intrigued by Persian focus and how the acoustic correlates to this type of prominence are different from those in lexical and contrastive prominence. In addition to her interest in conducting research, she strives to learn about technologies that can be used in the assessment and recovery of speech production in disadvantaged individuals. After leaving the lab, she has pursued work as a Speech Language Pathology Assistant.

Dahai Zhang

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Dahai Zhang is a fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Linguistics at SFU. His main academic interests focus on liberal arts education, the history of ideas, and cultural studies. In the field of linguistics, he is interested in phonology, sociolinguistics, and first language acquisition. After leaving the lab, Dahai is considering applications to graduate school for topics related to the philosophy of education.