Kim Mann 

Summer 2017 -

Kim is a fourth year SFU Linguistics major and Psychology minor undergraduate. She is interested in language acquisition, bilingualism, and theoretical phonology. Her goals are to pursue a career in speech-language pathology and work with children in school districts. She is also involved in the Linguistics Student Union. Outside of work and school, Kim likes reading and strategy games, and enjoys making bad linguistics puns.

Clarissa Montgomery

Summer 2018 - 

Clarissa is a third-year undergraduate student at SFU working towards a Major in Health Science, an Extended Minor in Linguistics, and a Certificate in Speech Science. Her interests include first language acquisition in infants & children, phonetics, and phonology. Outside of school Clarissa teaches piano, and loves to bake cookies and cakes (and eat them too!). In the future, she hopes to pursue a career in Speech Pathology, helping to develop communication skills in children with special needs and developmental language disorders.

Fabiana Parra-Avila

Summer 2018 - 

Fabiana is a fifth-year undergraduate student at SFU majoring in Linguistics with an Italian Minor, and finishing the TESL Certificate. Her main interests are applied linguistics, phonology, phonetics, and language acquisition in both infants and adults. After graduation she hopes to travel and work for at least a year before enrolling to complete a Masters in Applied Linguistics.
She is a member of the Linguistics Student Union, a volunteer English tutor, and firmly believes that there is always room for dessert and you are never too old for a fun video game.

Gloriane Jue

FALL 2018 - 

Gloriane is a fifth-year undergraduate student at SFU completing a major in Linguistics, an Extended Minor in Psychology, a Minor in Learning and Developmental Disabilities and a Certificate in Speech Sciences. Her main research interests are first and second language acquisition in infants and children and the factors that affect language learning in typically developing children and children with disabilities. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in Speech-Language Pathology. Outside of school, she enjoys watching shows, listening to podcasts, reading and playing with animals!