How to Apply

Anyone holding a continuing or limited term full-time faculty or staff appointment (including tenured and tenure-track faculty, lecturers, librarians and 1+ year term faculty or educational staff appointments) and is engaged in instructional activities within or in support of academic programs at Simon Fraser University is eligible to propose an Integrated Learning Technology Development project. Staff resources will be assigned to form teams on the selected projects.

Application Process

The intent of the application process is to enable instructors or academic programs to identify questions about Canvas integration of learning technology of particular interest to them and with broad applicability across the university. Proposals may be submitted by one or more faculty or staff members; individuals with part-time appointments are encouraged to participate as collaborators. Integrated Learning Technology Development Grants are available with each application to provide additional resources beyond TLC/CODE/ITS staff contributions. These projects and grants are awarded on a competitive basis as SFU staff resources and grant funding are limited.

Please Follow these Steps:

  1. Complete this form and submit it by the application deadline (currently there is no upcoming deadline).
  2. Proposals must adhere to criteria on this website and respond to the questions in the form below.
  3. Contact with any questions.

Integrated Learning Technology Development Grant

Principal Applicant

Additional Collaborators

Description of the proposed project. Please include the following:

  • How do you propose to enhance SFU students’ learning experience?
  • What issue are you hoping to address by developing or integrating a tool or learning technology into Canvas?
  • What learning technology or tool do you want to develop or integrate into Canvas?
  • How will the technology or tool enhance students’ learning experience or address the issue you have identified? 
  • How will you examine the effects of the technology integration on teaching and/or students’ learning?
Description of preferred timeframe for the project.
Describe your initial ideas about how any or products developed might be useful to colleagues at SFU beyond your course, academic program or unit. Or how the project fits with your department/Faculty's strategic plan or the 2013-18 Academic Plan.
Are you applying for Integrated Learning Technology Development Grant funding?
(e.g. software to conduct the project, research assistant, conference travel, etc.) Note: Budget to be developed in consultation with TLC/CODE/IT team at the second stage if your initial proposal moves forward.