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PhD & MSc: I have a range of research interests. At the moment, however, most of my research is focused on the Mackenzie Delta of the western Canadian arctic and our International Polar Year collaborative project IPY-SCARF. We have only begun to understand the basic the ecology and hydrology of this system. Several graduate thesis projects have been recently completed. These results have raised questions that should be further investigated. There are also a variety of other research questions that need to be answered to develop an ecosystem model, and which could form the basis for thesis projects for incoming graduate students. Examples include (among many other possibilities) studies of lake hydrology, aquatic food web configurations and nutrient dynamics, underwater UV-effects on organisms and DOC, flood-driven dynamics of aquatic habitat for fish and aquatic waterfowl.

Post-Doc: We are at the point in our research where an ecosystem simulation model will be an essential tool for assessing the strength and direction of responses in delta lakes to the individual stresses of global change, and to focus our efforts on experiments and measurements to clarify them. We welcome inquires from post-doctoral candidates who may have interest in beginning development of a delta-ecosystem model. At the moment we do not have funding in place to fully support such an initiative, but this would make a highly suitable project on which to base an application for an NSERC Post-Doctoral Fellowship.

Undergraduate Summer Employment: Every summer, we typically need one more research assistants for a combination of field and lab work in the Mackenzie Delta. This type of experience is valuable for students considering going on to graduate school or pursuing a career in environmental research and/or consulting. In addition to providing a basic salary, we also cover transportation expenses to Inuvik plus food and accommodation for the duration of the field season. We welcome inquiries at any time from students who are interested in gaining the type of arctic field experience we are able to offer.

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