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2017 Fall LING 111-3 Introduction to English Vocabulary Analysis

August 28, 2017

Fall 2017 Instructor: Dr. Cliff Burgess
Class Time: Tue 8:30-11:20am, SSCB 9200

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Course Details:

LING 111 introduces linguistics through the medium of the English language. Linguistics is likely to be a new subject for many of you and I think you will like it a lot. You’ll learn about where words come from and how and why their meanings and forms change. We’ll consider the historical context in which English and its ancestral languages are, and were, spoken and how this context shapes English vocabulary today.

The things you’ll learn in LING 111 will help you to build vocabulary and enhance your reading ability and expressive power. Here’s where you’ll discover how words may evolve street meanings quite different from their traditional dictionary meanings. You’ll also learn how dictionaries are created and how key words in fields that you’ll be majoring in have come to look and sound the way that they do.

Practical issues like translation and interpretation feature in this course, too. Finally, toward the end of LING 111, we will examine how technology, social media, and even typography impact modern English vocabulary. And no course of this kind would be complete without a look at the influence of World Englishes — English as it is spoken in different parts of the world — and how these varieties influence the vocabulary of one another.

Fall 2017 Courses

Course Title
LING 100 D100 Communication and Language
LING 100 D200 Communication and Language
LING 111 D100 Introduction to English Vocabulary Analysis
LING 160 D100 Language, Culture and Society
LING 200 D100 Introduction to Sentence Analysis
LING 200 D900 Introduction to Sentence Analysis
LING 220 D100 Introduction to Linguistics
LING 221 D100 Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
LING 222 D100 Introduction to Syntax
LING 280 D100 Interdisciplinary Topics in Linguistics (The Language of Social Media)
LING 290 D100 The Science of Speech
LING 301W D100 Linguistic Argumentation
LING 321 D100 Phonology
LING 322 D100 Syntax
LING 350 D100 First Language Acquisition
LING 360 D100 Introduction to Applied Linguistics
LING 362 D100 Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language to Adults
LING 370 D100 Linguistics Practicum I
LING 370 D200 Linguistics Practicum I
LING 370 I100 Linguistics Practicum I
LING 371 D100 Linguistics Practicum II
LING 371 D200 Linguistics Practicum II
LING 371 I100 Linguistics Practicum II
LING 400 D100 Formal Linguistics
LING 470 D100 Linguistics Practicum III
LING 470 D200 Linguistics Practicum III
LING 470 I100 Linguistics Practicum III
LING 471 D100 Linguistics Practicum IV
LING 471 D200 Linguistics Practicum IV
LING 471 I100 Linguistics Practicum IV
LING 491 D100 Directed Research