Meet Our Graduate Students

United by a love of language, our graduate students come to SFU from all over the globe. They choose SFU for the opportunity to work with passionate faculty and engage in relevant research in one of the most livable cities in the world. At SFU they find a supportive community of like-minded academics and the freedom to explore their potential. 

MA Students

Lydia Castro 

  • Research Area: Phonetics, phonology, gesture, sign language
  • Supervisor: Henny Yeung

Rosemary Webb 

  • Research Area: Articulatory phonetics, phonology, gesture, language documentation and revitalization
  • Supervisor: Nancy Hedberg

Lucas Chambers

  • Research Area: Discourse analysis, Systemic Functional Linguistics, writing pedagogy
  • Supervisor: Maite Taboada

Bingqing Yu 

  • Research Area: Acoustic phonetics, speech perception/processing
  • Supervisor: Murray Munro

Magdalena Ivok 

  • Research Area: Phonetics, second language acquisition, speech perception, computational linguistics
  • Supervisor: Henny Yeung

Helen Zhang 

  • Research Area: Computational linguistics, information structure, pragmatics
  • Supervisor: Nancy Hedberg

Jesse Weir 

  • Research Area: Psycholinguistics, computational linguistics and syntax
  • Supervisor: Chung-hye Han

PhD Students

Tasnim Abedalqader 

  • Research Area: Sociolinguistics, World Englishes and discourse
  • Supervisor: Suzanne Hilgendorf

Dasha Gluhareva 

  • Research Area: Second language acquisition, phonology, TESL
  • Supervisor: Murray Munro

Sara Willamson 

  • Research Area: Syntax, semantics, and language variation and change
  • Supervisor: Chung-hye Han

Sylvia Cho 

  • Research Area: Acoustic phonetics, speech perception, speech processing, neurolinguistics
  • Supervisor: Murray Munro

Keith Leung 

  • Research Area: Tone, psycholinguistics, language acquisition
  • Supervisor: Yue Wang

Yifang Yuan 

  • Research Area: Syntax-pragmatics interface, World Englishes, interrogativity, and discourse markers
  • Supervisor: Nancy Hedberg

Danielle Deng 

  • Research Area: Speech perception, second language acquisition and psycholinguistics
  • Supervisor: Henny Yeung

Danica Reid

  • Research Area: Phonology, language acquisition, laboratory phonology
  • Supervisor: Ashley Farris-Trimble

Zachary Gilkison 

  • Research Area: Semantics, pragmatics, discourse, corpus, and text linguistics
  • Supervisor: Nancy Hedberg

Lauren Schneider

  • Research Area: Morphology, morphosyntax, Salish languages, Hul'q'umi'num'
  • Supervisor: Donna Gerdts