Jeff Pelletier

Emeritus Professor

Emeritus Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Science

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  • Interests: Formal Semantics, Logic and Language, Cognitive Science, Ancient Greek Philosophy, Automated Theorem Proving and Artificial Intelligence


  • BSc, Math/Education, University of Nebraska
  • MA, Philosophy, University of Nebraska
  • Msc, Linguistics, Univeristy of Alberta
  • Msc, Computing Science, University of Alberta 
  • PhD, Philosophy, University of California, Los Angeles


Dr. Pelletier's main areas of interest concern the employment of formal logical methods in the understanding of natural language. To that end he investigates the semantics of phenomena that occur in natural language such as vagueness, generics, mass terms, and so on, with an eye to determining the sort of formal means that are available to give an adequate formal semantics to explain these phenomena. He is also interested in human cognition of these phenomena, and has investigated the ways people employ reasoning tools to deal with them. A related interest is in getting computers to reason in the same way as humans on tasks that are of logical and linguistic interest.

Jeff has been the main editor for Linguistics and Philosophy and The Canadian Journal of Philosophy. Additionally he has been an associate editor for The Journal of Semantics,  Mind and Language,  Dialogue, and Apeiron. He is also a series editor of the Kluwer book series Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy. He is currently the President of the Linguistics and Philosophy Associates, the board that oversees the running of the journal Linguistics and Philosophy. He is also a regular referee for SALT, WCCFL, NSERC, and SSHRC, as well as for various journals.


This instructor is currently not teaching any courses.