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Iouri Pankrats

Limited Term Lecturer


  • Ph.D. Institute of Linguistics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR/Russia


Dr. Pankrats completed his M.A (Candidate of Linguistic Science) dissertation on Morphonological Description of Germanic Languages and later his Ph.D. dissertation on Conceptual Structures and their Role in Formation of Different Units of the Language within the frames of cognitive linguistics. His primary research interests lies in morphonology of Germanic languages, semantics, cognitive linguistics and the theory of naming. His research  led to a number of publications, including the following books:  “Morphonological Description of Languages” (in collaboration), Moscow: Nauka, 1983, 119pp., “Conceptual (Propositional)  Structures and their Role in Formation of Different Units of the Language. Minsk-Moscow: Nauka, 1993, 112 pp., “A Concise Dictionary of the Terms of Cognitive Science and Cognitive Linguistics, Moscow State University Press, Moscow in collaboration, 1997, 245 pp.