Simon Fraser University
Graduate Student and Postdoc Positions in Neuromechanics

Dr. Max Donelan and the SFU Locomotion Lab welcome applications from prospective masters students, PhD students and postdocs from a wide range of backgrounds including physiology, engineering, kinesiology, zoology, neuroscience, computer science and physics.

What’s research like in the Locomotion Lab? Among other things, some of us are making devices to capture energy from the body, some are making science-based smartphone apps to improve runner performance, some are studying reflexes in exotic animals like elephants and giraffes, and others are helping people who have suffered from stroke walk better. You can learn more about past research from the lab’s Publications page, as well as read, listen, and watch some of the media coverage of the Locomotion Lab’s research from the Press page.

What will you work on? We are currently searching for trainees in three main areas.

  1. Exoskeletons for improving human performance.
  2. Control of Energy Minimization. This project, funded by the Army Research Office, is fundamental research aimed at understanding the neural control of energy optimization in human movement.
  3. Scaling of Sensorimotor Control. This NSERC-funded project is aimed at understanding the consequences of animal size, from shrews to elephants, on their biomechanics and control.
SFU is a young and vibrant campus. It is consistently ranked as the top comprehensive university in Canada and prides itself on being the best research-focused institution of its size. It sits on top of a mountain, surrounded by protected park land and overlooking the Burrard Inlet. Ski hills, beaches, and downtown Vancouver are all very close by.
If you are interested and qualified, please send a cover letter, CV, transcripts and relevant publications to

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