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Getting to Vancouver


Air Travel to Vancouver

Vancouver is located on the West Coast of Canada and is the largest city in British Columbia. There are direct flights to Vancouver International Airport from International destinations and most major US cities, depending on the airline. We suggest that you call your travel agent and ask them to negotiate the best airfare for your trip.

Health Insurance

Be wise and plan ahead: Visitors to Canada should have medical protection coverage. Canadian government health plans do not cover non-residents visiting Canada. Purchase health insurance before your visit.

Entry into Canada

The following information is provided to assist visitors in crossing Canadian borders with ease and minimal delays.

All visitors should carry a valid passport. In addition to a passport, there are a number of countries whose citizens also require a visa to enter Canada. Because visa requirements for countries change, we suggest that you visit the Canada Customs website or call the Canadian Consulate or Embassy in your country at least a couple of months before your visit to check on document requirements.

Have your papers ready when you arrive in Canada. All visitors and residents who arrive by air have to complete a Customs Declaration form that is handed in to an Immigration Officer when you go through Canada Customs and Immigration. You can help make the immigration interview as short as possible by answering all questions simply and honestly. You should have your passport and other documents ready and with you rather than in your luggage.

Departure from Canada

Visitors departing Vancouver International Airport for US destinations should note that they clear US Immigration and Customs at Vancouver Airport. Please make sure that you leave enough time to clear customs before your flight departs. It is recommended that you allow no less than half an hour after you check in for your flight to clear US customs and proceed to your departure date.

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