June 08, 2017

Dr. Nathan Ilten of the Math Department is featured in the

Spring 2017 Edition of Fields Notes

Dr. Ilten attended the Introductory Workshop on Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry on August 15, 2016 in Toronto. In the article he explains his experience both with the workshop and in residence as a long-term visitor for an entire semester.

Here is a short excert from Nathan's article in the Fields Notes (Spring 2017):

"I arrived in Toronto in mid-August to spend a semester at the Fields Institute as a long-term participant in the thematic program Combinatorial Algebra Geometry. My stay got off to an exciting start with the program's introductory workshop. The workshop featured lecture series by ten experts on topics ranging from Hilbert Schemes (by G.G. Smith) to Toric Geometry (by M. Hering). Without a doubt, this workshop has been one of the highlights of the semester for me."