The 4th SFU Academic Summer Camp for Aboriginal High School Students

The Department of Mathematics was one of the organizers and sponsors of the 4th SFU Academic Summer Camp for Aboriginal High School Students that took place from July 4 to July 28, 2017. We are very proud to report that all 26 students that were accepted into the camp also successfully completed the program.

In her message to the camp participants after the closing ceremony Ms. Sheryl Thompson, the Camp Coordinator, wrote:

"It is amazing to see the changes and growth that can be accomplished in only four short weeks! You have all worked hard, challenged yourselves, and you developed a safe and
supportive community.  I have every confidence that there is nothing you cannot do if you put your minds (and considerable talents) to it."

Ms. Thompson also added:

"A special thank-you to Casey Bell, this event would not have been nearly as successful without your input, work, and kindness – I am very grateful for your contributions, you are a real asset to the team."

Dr. Mary Catherine Kropinski gave a wonderful speech that recognized all the hard work done by Dr. J to organize another successful camp (our 4th) and surprised everyone with the Department of Mathematics’ generous offer to waive the tuition fee for camp participant’s first SFU math course. "WOW! and thank-you, that is incredible!"

Please visit the camp webpage for more information: