Graduate Courses

Featured Courses - Fall 2019

APMA 900 
Asymptotic Analysis of Differential Equations
Dr. Dave Muraki

One aim of this course is to provide an overview of classes of ordinary and partial differential equations (ODEs & PDEs) that are solved by exact methods. Fourier series methods for solving linear DEs are extended to integral solution methods that include the Fourier and Laplace transforms. Investigation of this solution perspective establishes the close connection between complex variable theory and DEs. Read more...

MATH 725
Real Analysis
Dr. Nilima Nigam

This is an unapologetically rigorous course on measure and integration. In Math 320 you learned how uniform convergence is necessary in order to interchange the order of certain limiting processes. Here you will learn analysis without the crutch of uniform convergence. Read more...

MATH 709
Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization
Dr. Nilima Nigam

The course is aimed at students interested in scientific computing. Along with an introductory numerical analysis course, this is a foundational course. This means that if you’re interested in using mathematical or statistical tools for processing data or simulation, then you will almost surely need tools from numerical linear algebra. Read more...


MATH 742/MATH 846
Dr. Petr Lisonek

Do you want to know how the remote lock for a car works? How are your on-line banking transactions and e-mail messages protected? Can anyone listen to your cell phone conversations or read your text messages? Then come to MATH 742/846! Read more...

Mathematics 600-Level Courses

MATH 603-4: Foundations of Mathematics *
MATH 604-4: Geometry *

* These courses cannot be taken toward Mathematics MSc or PhD program requirements

Mathematics 700-Level Courses

MATH 701-3: Computer Algebra
MATH 708-3: Discrete Optimization
MATH 709-3: Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization 
MATH 716-3: Numerical Analysis II
MATH 718-3: Partial Differential Equations
MATH 719-3: Linear Analysis
MATH 724-3: Applications of Complex Analysis   
MATH 725-3: Real Analysis
MATH 739-3: Algebraic Systems
MATH 740-3: Galois Theory
MATH 741-3: Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry
MATH 742-3: Cryptography
MATH 743-3: Combinatorial Theory
MATH 745-3: Graph Theory
MATH 747-3: Coding Theory
MATH 748-3: Network Flows
MATH 761-3: Continuous Mathematical Models   
MATH 762-3: Fluid Dynamics
MATH 767-3: Dynamical Systems
MATH 770-3: Variational Calculus
MATH 795-3: Selected Topics in Applied Mathematics

Mathematics 800-Level Courses

MATH 800-4: Mathematics: Selected Topics
MATH 808-4: Advanced Linear Programming
MATH 817-4: Groups and Rings
MATH 818-4: Algebra and Geometry
MATH 819-4: Algebra: Selected Topics
MATH 820-4: Graph Theory
MATH 821-4: Combinatorics
MATH 827-4: Discrete Mathematics: Selected Topics
MATH 831-4: Real Analysis I
MATH 833-4: Analysis: Selected Topics
MATH 841-4: Topology: Selected Topics
MATH 842-4: Algebraic Number Theory
MATH 843-4: Analytic and Diophantine Number Theory
MATH 845-4: Number Theory: Selected Topics
MATH 846-4: Cryptography
MATH 875-0: PhD Preliminary Examination
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MATH 876-0: PhD Comprehensive Examination
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MATH 877-1: Supplementary Reading
MATH 879-0: PhD Thesis Proposal
MATH 880-6: MSc Project
MATH 888-0: Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination: Operations Research
MATH 890-0: Practicum I
MATH 891-0: Practicum II
MATH 894-2: Reading
MATH 895-4: Reading
MATH 896-2: Introductory Seminar
MATH 898-6: MSc Thesis
MATH 899-12: PhD Thesis

Mathematics 900-Level Courses: Applied and Computational Mathematics

APMA 900-4: Asymptotic Analysis of Differential Equations
APMA 901-4: Partial Differential Equations
APMA 905-4: Applied Functional Analysis
APMA 912-4: Advanced Partial Differential Equations
APMA 920-4: Numerical Linear Analysis
APMA 922-4: Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
APMA 923-4: Numerical Methods in Continuous Optimization
APMA 929-4: Selected Topics in Numerical Methods
APMA 930-4: Computational Fluid Dynamics
APMA 934-4: Selected Topics in Fluid Dynamics
APMA 935-4: Analysis and Computation of Models
APMA 939-4: Selected Topics in Mathematical Image Processing
APMA 981-4: Selected Topics in Continuum Mechanics
APMA 982-4: Selected Topics in Mathematical Physics
APMA 990-4: Selected Topics in Applied Mathematics
APMA 995-0: PhD Oral Candidacy Exam