The Math Catcher Outreach Progam Is In The News Again!

July 09, 2018

The Math Catcher Outreach Program aims to tackle the stigma surrounding mathematics among Indigenous and non-Indgenous youth through a series of initiatives. These include school visits, workshops, academic summer camps, tutoring programs, and creation of learning resources in various First Nation languages. The aims of the program are straightforward: to demonstrate that mathematics is part of everyday life and consistent with Indigenous culture; to prove that mathematics can be interesting and even fun; and to emphasize that mathematics can lead to a rewarding future.

Math Catcher introduces mathematics and science to Aboriginal students through the use of First Nations imagery and storytelling. Math Catcher has produced 9 animated films in several First Nations languages (Blackfoot, Cree, Squamish, Heiltsuk, Nisga’a, Sliammon, Halq’em ́eylem, Hul’q’umi’num’, and Huu-ay- aht) as well as bilingual picture books in Blackfoot/English, Cree/English, Squamish/English, Nisga’a/English, and Sliammon/English.

The Program is based on the belief that it is crucial that we engage Aboriginal students in mathematics and science at the early age.

To find out more about the Math Catcher Outreach Program - Please check out the Math Catcher website!