The Department of Mathematics honours Professor Peter Borwein on the occasion of his retirement

October 29, 2018

Dr. Peter Borwein has recently retired after serving for 25 years as a 
Professor in the SFU Department of Mathematics. During his tenure Dr. 
Borwein significantly contributed to the SFU community as a researcher, 
supervisor, teacher, and administrator. A world wide authority for the 
Riemann hypothesis, Padé approximations, and the number Pi, Dr. Borwein, 
together with his brother Jonathan, is also one the pioneers in 
introducing modern technology as a research tool in pure mathematics. As 
a true believer in the interdisciplinary research, Dr. Borwein in 1993 
co-founded the Centre for Computational Mathematics (CECM) and in 2004 
founded the Interdisciplinary Research in Mathematics and Computational 
Science Centre (IRMACS Centre).

On October 12, 2018, the Department of Mathematics organized a special 
seminar session in honour of Professor Peter Borwein on the occasion of 
his retirement from SFU. The speaker was Dr. Karl Dilcher, Professor of 
Mathematics from Dalhousie University. The title of Dr. Dilcher's talk 
was "Peter Borwein -- Friend, Colleague, Mathematician". In his 
presentation, Dr. Dilcher shared some personal reminiscences about Dr. 
Borwein as a friend and colleague and gave an excellent summary of Dr. 
Borwein's breadth and depth as a researcher.

As a token of appreciation for his many contributions, the Department 
presented Dr. Borwein with a laser-in-glass cut image that represents 
roots of Littlewood Polynomials of degree at most 18 for coefficients 
±1. The image was originally created by Dr. Borwein and his 
collaborators in the mid-90s.