From left to right: Petra Menz, Natalia Kouzniak, Brenda Davison, Justin Gray, Malgorzata Dubiel, Jamie Mulholland, and Veselin Jungic (Randall Pyke is missing)


About The SFU Mathematics Lecturers Group

The Mathematics Lecturers Group is composed of the teaching faculty from the SFU Department of Mathematics. The members of the group teach a wide range of courses, coordinate departmental workshops, conduct various administrative duties, and are involved in many outreach and community-based math-related activities.

The group is diverse in many ways; age, personalities, teaching styles, research interests, for example. All members of the group are united in their commitment to help students progress and succeed in their math classes to the best of their abilities. All members of the group live up to their responsibility to both transfer math knowledge to their students and to assist young adults in their classes in one of the most important and challenging transitions of their lives.