Q Placement Test

About the Quantitative Placement Test

In accordance with the new admission requirements, if you have been admitted to Simon Fraser University and do not meet the prerequisites to take a Q course, you must either pass the Quantitative Placement Test or complete the course FAN X99: Foundations of Analytic and Quantitative Reasoning with a minimum grade of C before you will be permitted to register for the Q courses you plan to take (look at Curriculum Initiative for more information).

If you are unsure whether your mathematics knowledge is sufficient to succeed in the course of your choice, or if your mathematical background is not recent, we strongly recommend that you take the Q Placement Test, or at least try the Practice Q Placement Test.

Since you are allowed to take the Q Placement Test only once, we recommend that you become familiar with the list of Q Assessment Topics that underlie the questions which may appear on the test, and that you attempt the Practice Q Placement Test that is provided for your guidance before you actually take the Q Placement Test.

IMPORTANT Registration Instructions

Stated below is the procedure you must follow in order to take the test (you first must have accepted the offer of admission to SFU):

  1. Activate your SFU computing ID (if you haven't already done so)
  2. Check the schedule below and find your preferred test date. If no dates are listed, check back until the website is updated.
  3. Write to qtest@sfu.ca with Q Test in the subject line to schedule the test.  All test are taken at the Burnaby Campus. You MUST email from your SFU email account and include the following in the body of the email: 

* Your full legal name

* Your student number

* Your preferred test date/s in order of preference (from the scheduled tests below)

If you do not follow these instructions precisely, your email will be discarded.
Please do not send multiple emails.

You must bring a picture ID when you come to take the test. You will have 1.5 hours to complete the test. Please note that you will not be permitted to bring any electronic devices to the test site, but the software you will be using will allow you to access a basic four-function calculator if you should wish to do this.

There are 30 questions on the test, and you must answer at least 20 questions correctly to pass the test.


  • This test can only be written a single time.
  • You are only allowed one test cancellation per term. 

Upcoming Test Dates

If you are viewing this schedule outside of the Lower Mainland, the dates on the calendar may not be correct. Please email to request the test day and time.

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