2023 Mathematics Summer Workshop for Iranian Students

July 30 - August 12, 2023, Simon Fraser University Burnaby Campus

This 2-week Summer Workshop will allow attendees to participate in seminars, workshops, and lectures hosted by a cross-section of mathematical researchers and educators from Western Canadian universities. They will also meet in small groups with mentors in the form of faculty, current graduate students, and university administrators well versed in admissions procedures. We will also allot supervised quasi-structured ‘study hall’ time for participants to work on the content that they have learned. Wednesday afternoons will be reserved for local excursions where participants can experience the non-academic side of British Columbia. There will also be social events on the weekends.

Planned Activities


  • Computer Modelling  with Dr. Mahsa Faizrahnemoon
  • Recent Developments in Spectral Graph Theory with Dr. Matt DeVos
  • Algebraic Geometry with Dr. Nathan Ilten
  • Applied Combinatorics with Dr. Marni Mishna

Special topic classes

Group work

Information session from Mathematics Graduate Programs in Western Canada

Nature excursions


  • Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
  • Canadian Mathematical Society
  • SFU Philosophy Department

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are an SFU Student and would like to support this event please contact us at mathSWIS@sfu.ca

Goals of this event

  • to strengthen and build bridges between Western Canadian universities and Iranian mathematicians;
  • to facilitate admissions to Western Canadian graduate school for young Iranian mathematicians currently experiencing severe disruption to their home and studies;
  • to build relationships between potential graduate students and potential supervisors;
  • to support the Iranian mathematicians currently at SFU that we care and want to tangibly support them;
  • to build community within the SFU Math department as we work to make this urgent, necessary project a reality;



We are extremely grateful for the support of our sponsors.