Recent Theses

Copies of most theses are available in the Mathematics collection of SFU Summit.


Degree Student Name Thesis Title Supervisor
PhD Ross Churchley Odd Disjoint Trails and Totally Odd Graph Immersions Bojan Mohar
MSc Benjamin Moore Rooted Graph Minors and Reducibility of Graph Polynomials Karen Yeats
PhD Iain Crump Graph Invariants with Connections to the Feynman Period in φ4 Theory Karen Yeats
MSc Olga Zasenko Algorithms for Colourful Simplicial Depth and Median in the Plane Tamon Stephen
MSc Tara Petrie The Combinatorial RNA Design Problem for Binary Trees Jonathan Jedwab
MSc Stefan Trandafir Magic Eulerian Hypergraphs Petr Lisonek
MSc Kevin Halasz Coloring Cayley Tables of Finite Groups Luis Goddyn
MSc Samuel Simon Linking Systems of Difference Sets Jonathan Jedwab
MSc Adam Dyck The Realisability of γ-graphs Jonathan Jedwab
MSc (Project) France Paquet-Nadeau On the Maximum Size of Condensed Sequences Neighbourhoods under the Levenshtein distance Cedric Chauve


Degree Student Name Thesis Title Supervisor
PhD Justin Chan Three Problems Involving Permutations  Jonathan Jedwab
MSc Akbar Rafiey Algorithmic Aspects of some Vertex Ordering Problems   Ladislav Stacho
MSc Lucien Lapierre Vectorial Bent Functions in Characteristic Two Petr Lisonek



Degree Student Name Thesis Title Supervisor
MSc Stephen Melczer    
Variants of the Kernel Method for Lattice Path Models Marni Mishna
Bradley Jones  
On tree hook length formulae, Feynman rules and B-series Karen Yeats
Sophie Burrill
A generating tree approach to k-nonnesting arc diagrams Marni Mishna &Lily Yen
Yue Zhao
Combinatorial Hopf Algebras On Generating Trees and Certain Generating Graphs Karen Yeats

MSc Wei Chen Enumeration of Set Partitions Refined by Crossing and Nesting Numbers Marni Mishna & Lily Yen
MSc Yian Xu Generalized Thrackles and Graph Embeddings Luis Goddyn


Degree Student Name Thesis Title Supervisor
MSc Bahar Behsaz    
Computational Aspects of DNA Self-Assembly Systems at    Temperature 1  
Ladislav Stacho
PhD Azhvan Sheik Ahmady Integral Cayley Graphs Bojan Mohar
Maria Tamayo Algorithms for finding Tucker Patterns
Cedric Chauve &Tamon Stephen
MSc Amy Wiebe Constructions of complex equiangular lines Jonathan Jedwab


Degree Student Name Thesis Title Supervisor
MSc Iain Crump Forbidden minors for 3-connected graphs with no
non-splitting 5-configurations
Karen Yeats
PhD Petr Skoda

Obstructions for embedding graphs into surfaces

Bojan Mohar
MSc Jane Wodlinger Costas Arrays, Golomb Rulers and Wavelength Isolation
Sequence Pairs
Jonathan Jedwab
MSc Samuel Johnson

Analytic Combinatorics of Planar Lattice Paths

Marni Mishna
PhD Lino Demasi Rooted Minors iand delta-Wye transformations Bojan Mohar


Degree Student Name Thesis Title Supervisor
Nathan Singer
Topological Colouring Bounds and Graph Structure
Bojan Mohar
Ahmad Mahmoody Ghaidary
Tractability Results for the Multichromosomal DCJ Median Problem
Cedric Chauve
Ashok Rajaraman 
Inference of Ancestral Protein-Protein Interactions Using Methods
From Algebraic Statistics
Cedric Chauve
MSc Hui Yi Lu Partial Spreads and Hyperbent funtions in Odd Characteristic
Petr Lisonek
MSc Timothy Yunsun Dedekind Numbers and Related Sequences Tamon Stephen
MSc Mehrnoush Malekesmaeili On Certificates that a Matrix does not have the consecutive ones
Tamon Stephen
PhD Ararat Harutyunyan Brooks-Type results for colouring of Digraphs Bojan Mohar


Degree Student Name Thesis Title Supervisor
MSc Mariolys Rivas D-finite Symmetric Functions Marni Mishna
Ph.D. Karel Casteels The combinatorial structure of the prime spectrum of quantum matrices Jason Bell
MSc Andrea Spencer Edge-choosability of Cubic Graphs and the Polynomial Method
Luis Goddyn, Ladislav Stacho
PhD Jean-Philippe Doyon Algorithms for gene family evolution

Cedric Chauve,
Sylvie Hamel (U. Montréal),
Hervé Philippe (U. Montréal)

MSc Aki Avis 3-phase Golay Triads

Jonathan Jedwab


Maryam Verdian-Rizi

Triangulations of the Torus with at most two odd vertices: structure and coloring Luis Goddyn
MSc Samson Bassett Low memory graph traversal Ladislav Stacho


MSc Sophie Burrill Nesting and crossings in four combinatorial families Marni Mishna
MSc Jacob Post Combinatorics of arc diagrams, Ferrers fillings, Young tableaux and lattice paths Pavol Hell and Cedric Chauve
MSc Vivija You On matrices that do not have the Consecutive Ones Property Cedric Chauve
MSc James Parks A Dixmier-Moeglin equivalence for skew Laurent polynomial rings Jason Bell
MSc Christine Stoll
Bounds on the tile complexity of shapes in self-assembly systems Ladislav Stacho
PhD Hayri Ardal Some coloring problems in Ramsey Theory Ladislav Stacho


MSc Richard Gibson Quaternary Golay Sequence Pairs Jonathan Jedwab
MSc Javad Ebrahimi-Boroojeni Sum of the Largest Eigenvalues of Symmetric Matrices Bojan Mohar

Pinar Colak (nee Pekcagliyan)

Primitivity of finitely presented monomial algebras Jason Bell

Mahdad Khatirinejad Fard

Structures of Lines in Complex Spaces Petr Lisonek


MSc Kseniya Garaschcuk On Binary and Ternary Kloosterman Sums Petr Lisonek
MSc David Laferriere Classification of Walks in Wedges Marni Mishna
PhD Mohammad Ghebleh Theorems and Computations in Circular Colourings of Graphs Luis Goddyn
PhD Laura Chavez-Lomeli Circular Flow and Circular Chromatic number in the Matroid Context Luis Goddyn

Ancient times

Jodie Wallis
Prescribed Automorphism Groups and Two Problems in Galois Geometries
Petr Lisonek
MSc Nadia Nosrati
Domination in Graphs
Ladislav Stacho
MSc Tim Mott
Online Routing Algorithms on Geometric graphs with convex substructures
Ladislav Stacho
MSc Mahdad Khatirinejadfard
Binary linear codes and caps in finite projective geometries
Petr Lisonek
2002 MSc Bruce Rout
An examination fo Resourcing and scheduling  withing the RCMP
Luis Goddyn
2002 MSc Justin Travis Gray Non-Cayley Vertex-transitive Graphs Brian Alspach
2001 MSc John Stardom Metaheuristics and the Search for Covering and Packing Arrays Luis Goddyn
2001 MSc Shabnam Kavousian Approaches to the list homomorphism problem for interval graphs Pavol Hell
2001 MSc Daniel Dyer 2-Coloured path decomposition Katherine Heinrich
2000 MSc Marni Mishna Cayley Graph Enumeration Brian Alspach
1999 MSc Sarah Pantel Graph Packing Problems Pavol Hell
1999 MSc Marsha Anderson Decomposing Graphs into Fixed Length Cycles Brian Alspach
1998 MSc Nelly Simoes When Combinatorics meets Cryptography (A modern tale about Alice and Bob) Katherine Heinrich
1998 MSc Yudi Setyawan Combinatorial number theory: Results of Hilbert, Schur, Folkman and Hindman Tom Brown
1994 MSc Mateja Sajna Half-transitive graphs Brian Alspach
1993 MSc P. Gvozdjak Highly extendable graphs without short cycle Luis Goddyn
1992 MSc J. Ales ETA-Perfect Graphs Brian Alspach
1991 MSc Paul Meijer Connectivities and diameters of circulant graphs Brian Alspach
1991 MSc Xudong FU Matroids with the circuit cover property Luis Goddyn
1991 MSc Helen Verall Hamiltion Decompositons of Complete 3-Uniform Hypergraphs Katherine Heinrich
Peder Bolstad
The Oberwolfach Problem: A History and some new results
Brian Alspach
1989 PhD Haluk Oral Self-Dual Codes and Graphs Chris Godsil
Susan Hamm
Resolvable and Near resolvable Oriented 3- and 4- cycle decompositions
of the complete symmetric digraphs
Katherine Heinrich
Susan Marshall
Cycle Decompositions of Complete graphs
Brian Alspach
1988 PhD H. Zhou Homomorphism properties of grpah products Pavol Hell
Variations on van der Waerden's theorem and the Hales-Jewett Theorem
Tom Brown
1987 PhD G. Nonay Results on the covering of 2-paths by cycles Katherine Heinrich
M. Zobi
Arithmetic progressions  in Space Sets
Allen Freedman
H. Hermary
Rigidity of Graphs
Chris Godsil
1987 PhD L. Varga On basic parametric relations for incidence systems Brian Alspach
1986 PhD C. Zhang Longest Cycle in Graphs Brian Alspach
P. Ng
On path decompositions of complete graphs
Brian Alspach
B. McCuaig
Cycles and connectivity in graphs
Brian Alspach
T. Raymond
A sruvey of 1-factorizations
Brian Alspach
D. Poon
Sperner's theorem and extremal properties of finite sets
Brian Alspach
G. Nonay
Path and cycle decompositions of complete multigraphs
Katherine Heinrich
L. So
A survey on sequenceable groups and their applications
Brian Alspach
L. Lee
On Hamiltonian-connected graphs
Brian Alspach
P. Brearley
Ramsey's theorem for spaces
Tom Brown
1980 PhD E. Durnberger Discontinuous homeomorphism groups of planar surfacesBrian  Brian Alspach
1979 PhD B. N.Varma Some Decomposition problems for complete graphs Brian Alspach
G. Hahn
Anti-Ramsey Numbers
Brian Alspach
R. Mullins
On some applications of combinatory logic and lambda-conversion
in studies of recursion and of the semantics of programming languages
Ronald Harrop
R. Sutcliffe
Automorphism groups of graphs
Brian Alspach