Number Theory

Our Research

Number Theory is one of the oldest branches of modern mathematics. It is motivated by the study of properties of integers and solutions to equations in integers. Many of its problems can be stated easily, but often require sophisticated methods from a diverse spectrum of areas in order to study. Its modern formulations are wide reaching and have close ties to algebraic geometry, analysis, and group theory; together with computational aspects. Perhaps due to the fundamental and profound nature of the integers, Number Theory plays a special role in mathematics and applications: two of the Clay Millennium Prize Problems are in Number Theory, and many internet security protocols are based on number theoretic problems.

Number Theory is an active area of research for faculty at SFU, and together with faculty at UBC, we form one of the largest communities of Number Theory researchers in North America.


Peter Borwein

Classical analysis, number theory, and computation

Nils Bruin

Diophantine and arithmetic geometry

Imin Chen

Number theory and arithmetic geometry

Stephen Choi

Analytic number theory

Veselin Jungic

Ramsey theory and mathematics education

Postdoctoral Fellows

Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Year Supervisor
Bauch, Jens-Dietrich
2015 - Current N Bruin

Past Postdoctoral Fellows & Visitors

Name Year
Colin Weir
2013 - 2015
Jonas Jankauskas 2012 - 2013
Paul Pollack 2011 - 2012
Charles Samuels 2009 - 2011
Name Year
Katherine Stange 2009 - 2011
Sander Dahmen 2008 - 2010
Soroosh Yazdani 2010 - 2011
Ronald van Luijk 2006 - 2008
Chris Sinclair 2005 - 2007
Friedrich Littmann 2003 - 2005

Graduate Students

Ph.D. Students
Kulkarni, Avinash
Lam, Cho Ho
M.Sc. Students
Gauthier, Justine
Salari Sharif, Parinaz
Wang, Shanzhao
Yadegarzadeh, Sepehr