K-12 Students & Teachers

We offer several programs designed for middle and high school students and for teachers. From Math Camps to A Taste of Pi, our faculty and researchers engage the university community and the general public in a range of talks and activities related to mathematics.
SFU and UBC take turn in offering the Calculus Challenge Exam for high school students who may wish to obtain credit for calculus courses they have taken prior to attending university.
In Summer, we hold the annual regional SFU Math Camps for high school students supported by CMS and PIMS. These mathematical enrichment camps are by invitation only and provide an opportunity for students to see and experience hands-on exciting, engaging, and challenging mathematics presented by mathematicians from SFU's Department of Mathematics and by visiting faculty. And, during school year, students and teachers are invited to our A Taste of Pi program.
Our programs for teachers include the annual Changing the Culture conference, and, since 2011, a Summer Math Camp for Teachers. Both supported by PIMS.
To help students in their transition from high school to university, the Department of Mathematics runs two programs, Meet and Greet Math and Math Ambassadors.