Calculus Challenge Exam

General Information

The Calculus Challenge Examination offers students who learn differential calculus in high school a way to demonstrate their mastery of the subject and claim credit at a BC university. It is recognized by UBC, SFU, UVic, UNBC and the Ministry of Education.


The Calculus Challenge Exam 2018 is based on the (2000) Calculus 12 Curriculum.

Exam Level of Difficulty

While the Calculus Challenge Exam questions are based on topics that are covered in the Calculus 12 curriculum, the exam is not intended to be a summative assessment for this course. As this is a challenge exam that can be used to obtain credit for a first-semester calculus course, the level of difficulty of the exam is on par with a Calculus I final exam. Past Calculus Challenge exams can be found here.


Application to sit the exam must be made to the mathematics department hosting the examination in a given year (UBC for 2017, SFU for 2018). After registering in a university degree program, a student may apply to the Mathematics Department at their university to receive credit for MATH 100 at UBC, UVic or UNBC or MATH 151 at SFU.


All students who have completed or are currently registered in a calculus course in secondary school are eligible to write the exam. Students who have completed or are currently enrolled in IB Math SL are also eligible. Only one Calculus Challenge attempt is permitted. Students who have already started college or university may not participate.


Students who pass this examination will be awarded a UBC - SFU - UVic - UNBC Calculus Examination Certificate. Those who go on to register at one of these four institutions may present their certificates to demonstrate completion of first-term Calculus. Students who pass the calculus challenge exam and enrol at Simon Fraser University may choose to be awarded transfer credit [MATH 151 (3)] or actual course credit for MATH 151. Contact the Department of Mathematics to initiate such credit. Students already eligible for transfer credit because of high AP or IB scores will keep this eligibility regardless of their exam score and can waive the exam score and/or credit.