Math Ambassadors

The Math Student Ambassador Program facilitates building connections between the SFU Department of Mathematics and high schools in British Columba in order to:

  • Present information about math programs and courses offered by the Department of Mathematics to high school students;
  • Present information about a variety of first term math classes;
  • Provide an opportunity for the high school students to get a first-hand information on transition from high school to university with emphasis on math classes and math programs;
  • Promote Simon Fraser University and the Department of Mathematics with potential math major students;
  • Promote mathematics in general.

Math Student Ambassadors are SFU student volunteers that are enrolled in one of math programs offered by the Department or students that are taking or that have recently taken a math course. All Math Student Ambassadors have good communication and presentation skills and share ennthusiasm for learning mathematics.

The program coordinators will arrange with teachers and administrators that Math Student Ambassadors visit their schools. Each visit will consist of a presentation and a Q&A period.

Benefits for High School Math Class and their Teacher:

  • Receiving valuable information about first term math classes and variety of math programs at SFU.
  • Learning what it is like to be a student at SFU from the perspective of current students with an emphasis on
    • transition from high school to university,
    • taking first term math courses,
    • choosing a major/minor.

Please contact one of the program coordinators for more information:

Veselin Jungic - Email | Natalia Kouzniak - Email: | Petra Menz - Email:

Rudy Kerkhoven, Math Teacher at Kwantlen Park Secondary:

Dr. Kouzniak’s presence as a university lecturer […] was much appreciated as she spoke from many years of personal experiences, and it showed that professors do care about the success of their students.  However, the presentation was perfectly complemented by the more informal advice from the first-year students.