Meet and Greet Math

Meet and Greet Math gives an opportunity to students from grade 12 to experience what it is like to take a calculus course at Simon Fraser University. This annual half-day event is held typically on a Friday in November at the SFU Burnaby and Surrey campuses.

Students and their teachers are invited to participate in this one day event that consists of the following:

- Attendance to a calculus lecture;
- Participation in an information session conducted by current undergraduate and graduate students and faculty members; 
- Participation in math activities conducted by faculty members; 
- Visit to the math, science, and computing facilities. In addition, we are also sharing our calculus curriculum and philosophy with the visiting teachers.

Participation is  free.

From Rockridge High School Newsletter 2009:

  • Going to SFU was a really great experience for me because I had the opportunity to learn what Math is really all about.
  • They also did some cool demos.
  • With the use of modern technology, the real world applications of math no longer have the “ugh math class!” feel.
  • The short and concise lecture had the regular “scholastic” feel. However, the lab followed by the lecture was anything, but “scholastic”. Comprised of a series of awe-inspiring experiments (with seemingly unexplainable results), the Professors introduced the class to the endless opportunities Mathematics can provide.