Operations Research

Operations Research (O.R.) is the discipline of applying advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions and is sometimes referred to as Management Science or simply as Optimization. It applies mathematical methods, coupled with the latest computing software, to problems arising in industry.  Operations Research is characterized by its broad applicability and by a wide variety of career opportunities and work styles it embraces. It is also characterized by its interdisciplinary nature.

The Operations Research BSc offered by the Department of Mathematics includes coursework in mathematics, statistics and computer science as well as the opportunity to pursue studies in related areas such as business, economics, actuarial science and resource management. Students will work on real world problems arising in industry and become familiar with currently used software. Program requirements are detailed in the SFU Calendar.

To find out more about Operations Research, please contact the Mathematics Advisor (math_advice@sfu.ca). It is strongly recommended that students contact the Mathematics Advisor early about admission and scheduling.

Some links providing more information on operations research, as well as career guidance, can be found below.

Career Information in Operations Research and Analytics
This link provides information about what operations research is, what a practicing operations researcher does, and how to build your career in operations research.  

The Canadian Operations Research Society (CORS)
There has been a professional Operations Research (O.R.) society in Canada since 1958. This body, called the Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS), works to advance the theory and practice of O.R. It's primary purpose is to stimulate and promote contacts between people interested in the subject. CORS publishes a quarterly journal called INFOR, jointly with the Canadian Information Processing Society, and Bulletins several times per year.   

The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) 

INFORMS is the largest professional society in the world for professionals in the field of operations research (O.R.).  It was established in 1995 with the merger of the Operations Research Society of America (ORSA) and The Institute of Management Sciences (TIMS).  

The OR Society
The OR Society, with members in 53 countries, provides training,
conferences, publications and information to those working in Operational
Research. The Society also provides information about Operational Research
to interested members of the general public.  

O.R.: The Science of Better   
Resources for practitioners and academics to promote the value of Operations

High School Operations Research (HSORG)
HSORG has developed thirteen instructional materials for use in high school mathematics classrooms. The activities build on the basic math concepts that all
high school students study in algebra and many see in an introductory probability or discrete mathematics course. These activities are regularly presented in workshops for high school math teachers around the United States.