Prospective Students (Why Study Math | Survival Guide)

Mathematics provides a powerful set of tools to describe, understand, and change the world around us. These tools include logical reasoning, abstract thinking, mathematical modeling, and computational analysis. Mathematics is relevant in everyday life, opening opportunities for various forms of employment and research in modern technology, science, communications, medicine, social sciences and economics. Mathematics is a crucial ingredient necessary to describe, model, and solve problems in all of these areas. Increasingly, employers are looking for graduates with solid critical reasoning and quantitative problem-solving abilities - just the skills that a mathematics degree will provide you with.

The Department of Mathematics provides a thoughtful teaching and active research environment; it offers advanced degrees at the masters and doctoral levels. The Department has earned a national and international reputation as one of the most forward-looking and broad-based mathematical science departments in Canada. We offer undergraduates a broad program of training in contemporary mathematics that also specializes in numerous computational disciplines for which we are internationally recognized.  Undergraduate and graduate students alike thrive in the highly interactive and personalized environment that characterizes our Department within the unique personality of Simon Fraser University. Undergraduate students will learn cutting edge computing techniques and highly applicable mathematical skills for an exciting career in many of the modern technical industries, or for further research opportunities at universities and numerous research centers. Possible career areas for graduates include consulting, engineering, finance, information technology, analytics, operations research, and teaching.


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