Frequently Asked Questions


Whether you need help with your assignment, test preparation, or concept explanation, come to the workshop assigned to your course. Just drop in any time during the scheduled hours of operation. Your instructor, the workshop coordinator or a TA will be there to help.

Format of Assignment That Need to be Handed in

Attach a cover sheet to the front of your assignment. This is provided on WebCT in your course container. You may write up the assignment with pen or pencil on letter-sized clean paper. Clearly indicate which question of the assignment you are providing a solution for. Staple all pages together in the upper left corner.

Place to Hand in Assignments

Assignments should be dropped off in the boxes, labeled by course number and initial letter of last name, located outside the workshop prior to the submission deadline. All assignments are picked up promptly at the submission deadline. Late or misplaced assignments will receive a mark of 0.

Pickup My Assignments

Assignments are returned typically within a week of the due date, and can be picked up from the slots labeled by course number and initial letter of last name located inside the lab.

Pickup my Midterms

Midterms will be picked up at the workshop. A TA will be assigned to personally hand back your midterm upon verification of your identity - so bring your SFU student ID card. Your instructor will announce when the midterm is ready for pick up.

Marks Recorded Incorrectly | Whom do I Contact

You should contact the workshop coordinator. Put your request in writing - clearly and concisely - and it will be reviewed and returned back to you at the coordinator's convenience. You may submit your request in person or hand it to the main math office secretary with attention your coordinator.

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