Math Workshops and Open Labs

Burnaby - Workshops
Algebra Workshop (AW)
Applied Calculus Workshop (ACW)
Calculus Workshop (CW)
Q Support Centre (QW)

Surrey - Open Labs
Applied Calculus & Algebra Workshop (ACAW)
Introductory Mathematics Workshop (IMW)
Pure Calculus Workshop (PCW)

The Workshops and Open Labs provide a stimulating environment where students can meet and discuss course material with their course instructor, workshop/lab coordinator and teaching assistants (TAs). Here students can find help with completing their assignments, studying course material, and preparing for midterm and final exams. Workshops also provide an opportunity for students to meet fellow classmates and form study groups.
Beware, midterm times are hectic at the workshop, and often help is limited due to high demand. The workshop is of great benefit for those students who use it on a regular basis. Don't miss out, drop by!
For ease of writing the term workshop will refer to both the workshops at Burnaby and the open labs at Surrey. Likewise, the term workshop coordinator will refer to both the workshop coordinators at Burnaby and the lab coordinators at Surrey.

The workshop fulfills the following three main functions:

  1. To provide academic help to students on a drop­in basis,
  2. To provide all the necessary administrative support to instructors, and
  3. To provide graduate students with the experience of teaching assistantship.

Courses Serviced By Workshops

Burnaby Workshops
- Math 100, 232, 240, MACM 201
ACW - Math 154, 155, 157, 158
- Math 150, 151, 152, 251
QW - FAN X99, Math 190

Surrey Open Labs
ACAW - Math 155, 157, 232
IMW - FAN X99, Math 100, 130, MACM 201
PCW - Math 150, 151, 152, 251

Role Of The Workshop Coordinator

The role of the workshop coordinator is typically filled by a faculty member of the Department of Mathematics, who has accumulated a wide range of experience in teaching mathematics and is knowledgable on the material covered in the workshop. If you have any question on the operation of the workshop, collection of assignments, or marking of assignments and exams, then speak to the coordinator and not the instructor of your course. Browse through the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for answers to the most common questions asked by students.

The responsibilities of the workshop coordinator can be broken down into six tasks:

  1. Scheduling, supervising, and mentoring the TAs;
  2. Overseeing all grading and recording of assignments, quizzes and examinations;
  3. Responding to queries from students about grading and recording;
  4. Liaising with the instructors;
  5. Upholding the policies set out by the Undergraduate Studies Committee (UGSC); and
  6. Overseeing general workshop maintenance in regard to furniture, equipment, textbook copies for the workshop and other materials.


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