Nivi Ramkumar

Nivi is a current Master's student in Dr. Esther Verheyen's lab. During her thesis project at SFU, Nivi was overwhelmingly pleased with the learning atmosphere, that was conducive for constructive performance, and optimal for any potential candidate. The dynamic graduate student community of the department was also supportive and inviting, and these factors collectively urged her to come back for graduate studies at SFU, starting Fall 2019... read more

Casey Engstrom

Casey joined Dr. Lynne Quarmby’s lab in 2018 as a MSc student, and transferred to a PhD program after two years. Between undergrad and grad school he spent the intervening years working various jobs including national park ranger, seabird counter, cook, and backcountry hut caretaker. Casey’s research focuses on understanding how ... read more

Venus Lau

Venus started as a Master’s student in Dr. Fiona Brinkman’s lab in 2017. By 2019, she transferred to the PhD program. She received the CIHR Canada Graduate Student doctoral scholarship and the NSERC-CREATE Bioinformatics scholarship. Venus also completed her BSc in MBB with a minor in Health Science at SFU, making her a seasoned SFU academic. Going on to apply her undergraduate knowledge, she worked as a Research Technologist for a local biotech company for two years before returning to SFU for graduate school ... read more