Tiffany Timbers

Tiffany is a Neurogenomicist who is trying to unravel how we see, smell and taste the world around us. To accomplish this she uses advanced statistical genetic methods to reveal associations between the genome and the behavioral phenome of a model organism, C. elegans. The goal is to reveal new genes important for sensing and responding to the environment. When we uncover new sensory genes we then investigate their biological function in C. elegans and collaborate with human geneticists to assess their potential role in human sensory disorders... read more

Kristen Christensen

Kris is a postdoctoral fellow studying salmon genetics in Dr. Willie Davidson's lab.  This includes projects with the aim to discover which genes govern when a salmon would return from the sea to spawn, a project that explores the genomic composition of Arctic char, and a project to unlock ancient mysteries in the billions of nucleotides that comprise the genomes of salmon.  A combination of modern molecular and computational techniques helps him in his quest to unravel DNA's mysteries... read more

Emma Griffiths

Dr. Emma Griffiths obtained a PhD in Biochemistry at McMaster University, Ontario, followed by postdoctoral studies in fungal drug discovery and fungal genetics at McMaster and UBC. At SFU, Emma works with MBB's Dr. Fiona Brinkman, a leading Canadian researcher in the field of Pathogenomics. Emma was drawn to the Brinkman lab by the prospect of being able to put theoretical work in gene-disease research to practical use in public health... read more