Cary Eclipse Fluorometer

The Cary Eclipse Fluorometer is taken care of by MBB Manager, Laboratory Operations. Please contact the Manager (details below) to book time on the instrument.

User Manual (equipment)

User Manual (software)

The Cary Eclipse fluorospec has measurement modes for fluorescence, chemiluminescence, bioluminescence, and time-resolved phosphorescence. Its Xenon lamp and fast data collection ability makes it a good instrument for kinetics experiments. 

Specifications include:

  • Wavelength range from 200 - 900 nm for both excitation and emission monochromators.
  • Wavelength accuracy of +/- 0.5 nm at 541.2 nm and +/- 1.0 nm from 200 - 900 nm.
  • Scan rate up to 24,000 nm/min, without peak shifts. Can scan the entire wavelength range in 3 seconds.
  • Xenon lamp, 80Hz, pulse width at half peak height ~2 us, peak power equivalent to 75 kW.
  • Room light immunity in fluorescence mode.
  • Can read micro-volume samples. Can fit reduced volume cuvettes as low as 5ul.
  • Temperature control from room temperature (~20C) to 60C.
  • Has single cell and 4 position multicell holders. The 4 position multicell holder is the default holder.
  • Has automated polarizer accessory.

Detailed Specs

Please book through MBB Instrument Booking


MBB Department

Training must be obtained from the MBB Manager, Laboratory Operations.


Manager, Laboratory Operations

 (778) 782-4318