NanoDrop Onec

NanoDrop Onec spectrophotometers is taken care of by the MBB Manager, Laboratory Operations. If there are any concerns, please contact the Manager (details below).

User Manual (equipment + software)

The NanoDrop Onec is a microvolume UV/vis spectrophotometer, with both pedestal and cuvette positions. Can quantify and qualify DNA, RNA, and protein samples.

Specifications include:

  • 190 - 850 nm wavelength measurement range.
  • 1 - 2 ul sample volume.
  • No sample dilution required. 
  • Measurement range from 2 - 27,500 ng/ul dsDNA; up to 18,150 ng/ul ssDNA, and up to 22,000 ng/ul RNA.
  • Calculates sample purity ratios (A 260/280 nm and A 260/230 nm).
  • Has pre-configured methods for DNA, Protein A280, Microarray, Protein and Labels, Pierce 660, Bradford, BCA, and Lowry.

Detailed Specs

No Booking Required


MBB Department

Training must be obtained from the MBB Manager, Laboratory Operations.


Manager, Laboratory Operations

 (778) 782-4318