Interdisciplinary Oncology Graduate Specialization (IOGS)

Increasingly, an interdisciplinary approach is required for the effective practice of science. To better prepare our students and to train the next generation of cancer research leaders, the Interdisciplinary Oncology Graduate Specialization (IOGS) was established at SFU in partnership with the BC Cancer Agency (BCCA). This program, IOGS, is a graduate level multi-departmental program that integrates with existing SFU departmental graduate programs (MSc and PhD) and is available to graduate students interested in gaining exposure to diverse facets of cancer-related research.

The key impacts on science teaching and learning include broad exposure to multiple aspects of oncology such as the biology and epidemiology of cancer and theories behind prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Opportunities to develop presentation skills, critique current cancer research, and shadow cancer clinicians will be provided. Students and faculty will benefit from networking and collaborative opportunities at both SFU and BCCA sites, including participation in a yearly scientific retreat currently held by the BCCA/UBC Interdisciplinary Oncology program. One goal of this yearly event is to enhance networking between students and faculty with cancer-related interests, with the local and provincial community of cancer researchers, trainees and clinicians.