Interdisciplinary Oncology Graduate Specialization (IOGS)

PhD course requirements

Entry with a BSc or equivalent

Students who enter the program with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree, or equivalent, will complete all of:

*at the earliest opportunity following four terms of program enrolment

and one unit of MBB colloquia by completing one of:

and at least two of the following elective courses*:

*Note: Any relevant Special Topics course from any department may be included upon permission of the IOGS Steering Committee. Oncology related courses at other institutions may also be used to satisfy the elective requirement. Please consult with the Interdisciplinary Oncology Graduate Specialization Steering Committee for queries regarding course eligibility.

Entry with an MSc Degree

Students who enter the IOGS program with a Master of Science (MSc) degree will complete the following courses:

If a student has already completed the specialization as an MSc student, they may still enroll in the IOGS as a PhD student upon approval by the IOGS steering committee. Note that in this circumstance, ONC 510-3 must be taken for credit again in the PhD program, but ONC 502-3 cannot be taken again for credit.

If MBB 801 has already been completed, then a minimum three courses are required, i.e. MBB 806, ONC 502 and ONC 510.
** at the earliest opportunity following two terms of program enrolment