MBB Honours & Awards

Faculty Awards & Distinctions

Canada Research Chair (CRC)

  • Jamie K. Scott (Molecular Immunity), Tier 1
  • David Vocadlo (Chemistry), Tier 1
  • Mark Brockman (Viral Pathogenesis and Immunity), Tier 2
  • Tim Audas (Functional RNA and Cellular Stress), Tier 2

Canadian Institutes of Health 
Research (CIHR) New Investigator


  • Jack N. Chen
  • Jonathan Choy
  • Sharon Gorski
  • Ryan D. Morin

Michael Smith Foundation for
Health Research (MSFHR) Scholar

Jonathan Choy 

Graduate Student Major Awards

Vanier CGS awarded by NSERC

  • Kwangjin Park

NSERC (Alexander Graham Bell
Graduate Scholarship)

  • Eric Hall - CGS-D

CIHR (Frederick Banting & Charles Best
Canada Graduate Scholarship)

  • Sarah Arthur - CGS-M 

Multi-Year Funding (CD Nelson Memorial 
Graduate Entrance Scholarship & Provost 
Prize of Distinction)

  • Prince Kumar Lat
  • Michelle Crown
  • Daniel Knowles

Postdoctorate Fellows Awards & Distinctions

CIHR Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

Tiffany Timbers

MSFHR, Kidney Foundation of Canada

Victor Jensen

Other Awards & Recognitions

Lynne Quarmby             

  • Nora and Ted Sterling Prize in Support of Controversy (2015)     
  • B.C.'s Top 100 Women of Influence (Vancouver Sun)

Ryan Morin

  • Maud Menten New Principal Investigator Finalist Prize
  • Terry Fox New Investigator Award

Fiona Brinkman

  • Canada's Most Powerful Women (Women's Executive Network)
  • Canadian Society of Microbiologists Fisher Scientific Award
  • Canada Top 40 under 40 (Caldwell Parners International)
  • Science Council of BC Young Innovator Award
  • TR100 Award (M.I.T.)

William S. Davidson

Genome BC Award for Scientific Excellence

Robert Holt

  • Time Magazine Top 10 Medical Breakthroughs
  • Genome BC Award for Scientific Excellence, LifeSciences British Columbia

Steven Jones

  • Fellow, the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences
  • Life Sciences Division, Academy of Science Royal Society of Canada
  • Canada Top 40 under 40 (Caldwell Parners International)
  • Genome BC Award for Scientific Excellence, LifeSciences British Columbia

Dipankar Sen

Fellow, Canadian Institutes for Advanced Research (CIFAR)

David Vocadlo

  • Teva Canada Award (Canadian Chemical Society)
  • Bernard Belleau Award of the Canadian Society of Chemistry (2018)