Minimum Course Load Policy

Students in Mechatronic Systems Engineering wth less than 100 credits have a minimum required semester course load of 12 units. Our program is highly structured and any deviation from the suggested schedule of courses can delay your completion of the program. You are strongly advised to take courses suggested for each semester.

Exceptional circumstances

When a student is unable to take all the courses for a particular semester and is not expecting to meet the minimum 12-credit course load, prior approval for an exemption is required from the School’s Director. Exemptions will only be granted due to extenuating circumstances or the unavailability of suitable courses. This application must be submitted four weeks before the start of the semester for which an exemption is being requested.

Before applying for an exemption, you must first talk to an Academic Advisor to discuss your case. Please see Advisor contacts here.

After talking to advisor, you may apply online for an exemption from the required 12-credit course load minimum via this online form.

Students are NOT required to submit this form if they are on a co-op placement or taking a full semester off.