Technical Studies Electives

All Technical Studies Elective choices are subject to approval by the Chair of the School's Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC). In order to clarify this process, the following example course list has been pre-approved. Note that these courses may require prerequisites. In some cases, permission of the department in question must also be obtained prior to registration.

The School encourages students to choose electives that complement each other. Taking the appropriate prerequisites, especially in conjunction with science electives, can open up many interesting courses. Note that any such courses must have at least three credit hours.

The following MSE courses are designated as Technical Electives:

MSE420, MSE 421, MSE 422, MSE 423, MSE 424, MSE 425, MSE  426, MSE 427, MSE 428, MSE 429, *MSE 450, MSE 451, MSE 452, MSE 480, *MSE 481, MSE 483. 

Special topic courses  are occasionally offered as well using special topic labels such as , MSE 490,  MSE 491, and MSE 492.

Normally, with permission of UCC Chair,  students are allowed one (1) Directed Studies/Special Project Lab Course to count toward Technical Studies Elective requirement.

You will find the course description here.


* Mandatory course from Pre-Fall 2014 curriculum

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