Faculty Research Working Paper Series

Welcome to the SFU School of Public Policy Working Paper Series.  Our goal is to provide access to works in progress by SPP faculty members that address a range of current policy issues.  Please view pdf files for abstract and author(s) contact information.

Research Papers

Toward a Broader Base for Personal Taxation: Reconciling Equity and Efficiency
Kesselman, Jonathan R., October 2016 pdf

Economic Growth and People’s Determination about Immigration: The Case of Switzerland
Gross, Dominique M., May 2016  pdf

What’s the matter with Sweden? Explaining radical cuts to unemployment insurance in a bastion of social democracy
Gordon, Joshua C., October 2015 pdf

How Can Fast Access to Temporary Foreign Workers Ensure Priority to Domestic Workers? A Canadian policy experiment.
Gross, Dominique M., September 2015  pdf

Testing the Limits: Who's Maximizing TFSA's and Who Isn't?
Kesselman, Jonathan R., June 2015 pdf

Expanding Tax-Free Savings Accounts — Doubly Troubling
Kesselman, Jonathan R., February 2015  pdf

High-Skill Immigration Policy and Innovation: Can Canada Like other Small Economies Compete against the US Magnet?
Gross, Dominique M., August 2014  pdf

Challenges in Shifting Canadian Taxation toward Consumption
Kesselman, J.Rhys and Spiro, Peter. September 2013  pdf


Commentary Papers

Just Transition in the Phase-Out of Coal
Shaffer, Marvin with the assistance of Nathan Murray and Filip Jaworski, February 2017  pdf

Economic and Public Finance Issues for BIG and GAI Proposals Presentation to the Canadian Association of Business Economists
Kesselman, J. Rhys, August 2016  pdf 

Rana Plaza Three Years After: Physical and Mental Morbidities among Survivors 
Richards, John, Rahman, Labin., Huda, NazmulAugust 2016  pdf

How can we create a cost-effective system of primary and community care built around interdisciplinary teams? Submission to BC Legislature Standing Committee on Health on behalf of the directors, Mid-Main Community Health Centre Association
Richards, John, July 2016  pdf

Enhancing Tax Compliance in Turbulent Times:  Workshop Summary,
Kesselman, J.Rhys and Quiney, Roderick. May 2013.  pdf