John Richards - Selected Publications


Richards J., M. Ahmed, Md. Shahidul Islam. forthcoming. The Political Economy of Education in South Asia. University of Toronto Press.

Articles in Journals

Huda, N., J. Richards, L. Rahman, S. Syed. 2020. Why has the Caesarean Rate Increased Dramatically in Bangladesh? International Nursing Review 67(2):231-238.

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Richards, J._, M. Ahmad, Md. S. Islam. 2018. Why is South Asia poor? The role of primary education. Bangladesh Education Journal. 17(1):37-49.

Policy Reports, Monographs and Conference Proceedings

C.D. Howe Institute

Richards J. 2020. No Easy Answers: Insights into Community Well-being among First Nations. E-brief 304.

Richards J. 2020. Student Performance in PISA 2018: Nettlesome Problems for Canada. Commentary 576.

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Richards, J. 2018. Pursuing Reconciliation: The Case for an Urban Off-Reserve Agenda. Commentary 526.


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