Judith Sixsmith

Visiting Professor


Judith Sixsmith is a Professor in the School of Public Policy. She has been actively involved in research since 1984. She has directed several research projects including those funded by the European Commission, the British Broadcasting Corporation and the UK Health Development Agency. Her research experience is broadly based in social care and health policy in which she specialized in qualitative methodologies using multi-methods approaches. In particular an interest in the relationship between health, identity and home has featured in several of the projects. Moreover, a commitment to understanding the social-psychological and cultural context of everyday life has culminated in several projects which explore concepts of community and family life. More recently, Judith's work has developed in terms of revealing the meaning of age and gender in the context of health and social care, particularly concerning successful ageing among older people, men and masculinities and issues of participation and empowerment.

Judith is also Professor of Adult Social Care at Manchester Metropolitan University. In November 2011, she became Professor of Public Health Improvement and Implementation in the School of Health at the University of Northampton.

Courses Taught

PLCY 808 - Advanced Policy Analysis I (Capstone Course I)
PLCY 809 - Advanced Policy Analysis II (Capstone Course II)
PLCY 817 - Advanced Qualitative Analysis for Public Policy