The School of Public Policy is engaged in a wide-range of policy research that has impact within and outside the academy, influencing the ‘real world’ of policy and engaging the community. Our work, which intersects with all areas of the University Strategic Plan, creates knowledge that makes significant contributions to academic literature and also directly informs public debates and policy discussions on critical social, economic, political, environmental, health issues and more.

The School hosts the Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) research unit.

Faculty Research

Find out about the research areas of our faculty members, plus a bio and selected listing of their publications

Student Research

Details about project-based student research, including the 8-month long collaborative BC Priorities Projects involving a diverse range of partner organizations, and the Year 2 Capstone research thesis, with access to reports via SFU Summit system.

Policy Spotlight Seminar Series

In the Spring and Fall semesters, we host a series of noon-hour presentations for students, alumni and faculty, and invite a variety of organizations to come and talk with us about policy issue(s) they are facing and how to address them.

Current Research by our Faculty members:

Olena Hankivsky and co-investigators were awarded over $600K from SSHRC for their project titled "Intersectionality-Based Policy Analysis Framework 2.0: An improved approach for explicating the "+" in SGBA+.”

Mohsen Javdani is part of a team of researchers led by SFU Labour Studies and Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives awarded a $2.5 million SSHRC Partnership Grant for their project titled Understanding Precarity in B.C.

John Richards has co-authored a book titled “Political Economy of Education in South Asia: Fighting Poverty, Inequality and Exclusion,” published in January 2022 by University of Toronto Press.

Natahnee Winder published the chapter Colliding Heartwork: The space where our hearts meet and collide to process the boarding school experience in the book Residential Schools and Indigenous Peoples: From Genocide via Education to the Possibilities for Processes of Truth, Restitution, Reconciliation, and Reclamation. 

Yushu Zhu is the Lead Investigator for a project titled, Housing Vulnerability in the Pandemic: An Evaluation of the COVID-19 Impact on Community Housing Tenant Well-being in B.C. and was awarded a 2020-2021 SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant.