Co-op Workterm

The Public Policy Co-op/internship work term occurs in the May to August term between the first and second year of the program.  All students must complete the co-op term as part of their program requirements except when a student has considerable public policy work experience and receives permission from the program director.

Co-operative Education provides students with the opportunity to integrate degree-relevant, paid work experience with academic study and offers MPP students a unique opportunity to apply newly developed skills in a practical context and build a network of professional contacts.

SFU’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Co-op Education Department is renowned for their expertise in recruiting high-level co-op opportunities and is ranked among the best co-op programs in Canada.  The SFU program is accredited by Canadian Association For Co-operative Education (CAFCE) and is focused on maintaining high levels of student focused services.  In addition to a unique and engaging student preparation program, SFU’s commitment to service ensures both student and employer needs are recognized and addressed every step of the way.

SFU Co-op requires students to participate in Co-op curricula that focus on skills transfer, employability and career development.  These sessions provide a unique skills transfer component as well as Co-operative Education preparation. It is intended to help you identify and use your skills and knowledge beyond where they were learned. Specifically, SFU Co-op will focus on helping you use what you have learned in school effectively in the workplace and vice versa. Whereas many employment-oriented programs focus only on “the tools” necessary for employment success (resumes, cover letters, and interviews), these sessions focus on how the content of those tools are learned, applied, and moved from one situation to another.

Furthermore, Co-op coordinators work directly with Public Policy students in small groups to develop and improve resumé writing, cover letter and interview skills.  One-on-one practice interviews and extensive resume feedback sessions ensure that you are well prepared for your co-op job search.  You will have full access to SFU Co-op’s extensive online job posting system exclusively for registered Co-op participants, as well as, resources and support if you intend to pursue an independent, self-directed search for a position that meets Co-op workterm criteria.