Student Testimonials

Pomme Aros
International Development Research Centre
This job links closely to my professional, academic and personal interests in social and environmental sustainability. Prior to my work with IDRC, I had a strong understanding of climate change in a Canadian context, but this opportunity exposed me to impacts on an international scale, particularly in the developing world.

Sandip Basi
ISIS Research Centre, Sauder School of Business, UBC
My work involved producing a Tourism Development Strategy for the Nisga'a First Nation in Northern BC.  I learned a great deal about economic development initiatives in First Nations communities and challenges they face regarding business development. Project management and consultation were key aspects of this learning experience.

Tessa Cheng
Urban Health Research Initiative BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS
I assisted with a systematic review which focused on the relationship between the criminalization of drug use and HIV outcomes among injection drug users around the world. This work will be published in a peer reviewed journal and submitted to the UN's Global Commission on HIV and the Law. My interest in harm reduction fit well with this position, and I've gained a much better understanding of the different components and issues related to this area.

Tabrina Clelland
Transport Canada
Year 1 of the MPP program helped me step into the federal bureaucracy with an in depth understanding of the processes and foundational elements of most activities I encountered.

James Cousins
BC Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation
This position demanded a solid grasp of federalism, issues surrounding the application of self government in the BC context, and case law as it relates to Aboriginal rights and title. My History, Political Science and constitutional law background were very helpful, as was the first year coursework in the MPP program.

Mallory Crew
Agriculture and AgriFood Canada
The opportunity to immerse myself in a policy area new to me was invaluable, as it highlighted how widely applicable the skills I have developed in the MPP program are. The intersectionality of issues which my research explored was a fascinating exercise that will continue to interest and affect me in the future.

Connor Curson
Environment Canada Regulatory Analysis and Valuation
My Co-op was an exceptional experience, giving me valuable skills and knowledge and exposing me to the inner workings of the federal government. I had the opportunity to work with a number of analyst on a variety of interesting files.

Justin Domareski
Environment Canada Current Analysis and Economic Research
My work involved analysis and research associated with the international oil and gas industry, emissions abatement and environmental regulatroy policies, and oil and gas cash flow modelling.  One of the most valuable aspects of the workterm was the opportunity to observe how the work of this department feeds into the broader policy process and to interact with people who work on issues which I studied in school and see how they apply theory in practice.

Stephanie Donovan
Centre for Health Services and Policy Research, UBC
Pharmaceutical policy was the focus of my work at CHSPR, and issues related to access, safety, effectiveness and costs. Projects were team-oriented, and this position has confirmed my interest in pursuing a career related to health services.

Brock Ellis
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
This opportunity strengthened my career aspirations to be part of an environmental policy organization or think tank. Completing the Unburnable Carbon Project has opened up a number of research opportunities for my Capstone.

James Knowles
C3 Climate Change Central
I gained a lot of practical knowledge about energy costs, production and usage.  I am much more informed about energy policy in general, and have learned a lot about energy efficiency and production in Alberta and the rest of Canada.

Kailey Lemoel
Ahp cii uk Community Society
The major public policy issues I dealt with in my position surrounded treaty implementation working with the Ucuelet government on Vancouver Island. I'm inspired by this work because of the research, the thought process and the problem-solving and analytical framework and producing tangible results.

David Lin
BC Ministry of Health Services Health Authorities Division
My role provided a birds-eye view of the hospital sector visualized as a network of quantitative information being generated, transmitted and fed back into the system. I've gained a solid understanding of health sector performance measures and indicators and their uses and limitations.

Conrad Malilay
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade - Invest in Canada Program
I was lucky enough to work on exciting issues of great interest to the government of the day. The projects I worked on ultimately led to my upcoming Capstone project, in which I will be using newly acquired knowledge and network connections from my experience.

Amy Morris
In my role as Policy Researcher, I was responsible for all companion animal advocacy and policy-related inquiries and projects. My work included research and information gathering, development of presentations, review of bylaw models, and creation of resource materials for communities.

Darius Pruss
Tsawassen First Nation
Some of the most important skills I learned were how to apply the theories of policy analysis to real world situations that have tangible impacts on the community and the lives of members of TFN.

Alanna Schroeder
BC Utilities Commission
The experience of working on diverse, multidisciplinary teams will be invaluable for future projects. At BCUC, the proceedings I was working on involved engineers, accountants, economists and lawyers with a range of experience and backgrounds.

Tricia Serquina
Community Futures Development Association British Columbia
I gained a new perspective on the importance of SME's, economic diversification, the prospects and successes of e-business and the potential for future federal programs to assist rural areas of BC. My co-op with Community Futures has exposed me to innovative strategies for economic development in BC.

Peter Severinson
BC Business Council
My work covered a broad range of Council activities including policy research, statistical analysis and writing for public and member audiences. I delved into a number of areas related to Aboriginal policy, environmental issues, tax policy, productivity and competitiveness.

Toby Stewart
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada Economic Policy Directorate
I worked primarily with the Skills and Innovation group to develop a framework for measuring skills shortages in the labour market. I learned a great deal from analysts who were effective at making links between research and policy problems, and colleagues who were excellent at clearly communicating information to key audiences.

Leah Toews
City of Vancouver - Sustainability Group and ACT BC
The Sustainability Group focusses on climate protection, green building and bringing sustainability to all aspects of running and building the city, seeking outnew ideas and new ways of doing things for residents, businesses and visitors. Throughout my Co-op term, I liked the level of thinking required, and the level of responsibility I was given.

Anna Voroboyova
Institute for Intersectionality Research and Policy
My work was based in Ukraine and focussed on consultations with consumers, health care providers and government representatives to share and discuss health issues and concerns, and to increase awareness and promote national discussions about health inequities.

Eric Warren
Environment Canada Canadian Wildlife Service
As a junior policy analyst in the population conservation section, my work focused on migratory bird conservation and I undertook a cost-benefit analysis of bird collisions wth homes and buildings in Canada. This experience will help give context to my second year of coursework and continued work on my Capstone.

Dana Wilson
Canadian Mental Health Assocation, BC Region
My experience reaffirmed my desire to work in with a not for profit organization once I complete the MPP program. Seeing how passionate people are about their jobs has absolutely confirmed my career goals.