PLCY 806 – Research Techniques and Quantitative Methods II

This course has two broad aims. The first is to give students a solid grounding in basic statistics and to introduce them to this material in a simple, straightforward way. The second is to show students how to use Excel to approach statistical issues and quantitative research.

For some the first ambition will be more important, since they have little familiarity with statistics and/or have been previously introduced to statistics in a confusing/intimidating way. For others the latter component, Excel instruction, will be more useful, since this will likely be a tool used widely in future workplaces.

For those who are reasonably adept in both fields already, the course will be a refresher treatment of these areas, with likely some extra Excel knowledge thrown in at times. Regardless, the course is going to be a very gentle introduction to this material, with a lot of time reserved in class for practice and step-by-step learning.