Introducing SFU Mail: The university's new email and calendar system

In Spring/Summer 2018, the university will be transitioning to SFU Mail, the new email and calendar system replacing SFU Connect.

Transition Dates

  • Staff, faculty, sponsored, and resource accounts: Saturday, April 28, 2018
  • Students and retirees with no other active roles: Saturday, August 18, 2018


April 29, 2018 | SFU Mail Migration Update - This weekend, over 10,000 staff, faculty, sponsored, and resource accounts were activated in SFU Mail. [Read more]

Transition to SFU Mail

Get ready for the transition to SFU Mail with information on what will be migrated, and steps to prepare your account, including migrating your Briefcase to SFU vault.

Training & Info Sessions

Online and in-person training and information sessions to prepare users for the transition are available for faculty and staff members.

For Technical Staff

Access support documentation, information on best practices, and avenues for support for the transition and ongoing support for SFU Mail and associated clients.

Get Help

Have you explored our Self-Help Documentation and Frequently Asked Questions?
If you need additional help with SFU Mail or SFU Connect, please refer to the following resources:

Staff and Faculty


Contact the IT Service Desk at any campus.

SFU Mail, hosted in the SFU Data Centre, meets the University's key requirements identified during the investigation project. More background about the implementation project can be found here.