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How my Co-op Job Stopped me from Apologizing (Especially When I Really Don’t Need to)


See how co-op student Marielle Juan learned how to break the cycle of over-apologizing from her first Co-op job experience. 

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Help Needed! Volunteer and Job Opportunity with the SFU OLC


We here at the SFU OLC are going through an exciting move to a new site and are in the middle of migrating our content (i.e. blogs) to our new home. Due to an accelerated timeline, we urgently need help with this and are IMMEDIATELY seeking a quick and thoughtful team member help to help us migrate as many blogs to our new site as possible. We're also seeking a team of volunteer students to help us out as well.

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What About Blackness?

Mental Health

Unpacking the reality of the Black student experience in Canada. In this article reposted from The Peak, Linda shares why representation matters, how solidarity can be found within community, and the importance of ending Anti-Black racism in Canadian education institutions.

By: Linda Kanyamuna 640 reads | 0 comments

Megan Holmes: SFU Surrey Co-op Student Profile

Co-op Reflections

This week’s SFU Surrey Co-op featured student is Megan Holmes, an MSE student who has been doing some excellent work at one of her dream companies, MDA, a Canadian aerospace company. One of the exciting projects she is working on is upgrading the Canadian CP-140 Aurora aircraft’s radar surveillance system. Read on to learn more about Megan’s experience!

By: Sarah Elawa 426 reads | 0 comments

How COVID Kickstarted My Career

career exploration

Last summer, my sister and I were excited to travel to Europe. As you can probably guess, that did not happen. But from the gloom of cancelling our dream trip, something positive emerged - an important conversation and a new direction that kickstarted my career.

By: Hannah Nielsen 433 reads | 0 comments

Four Benefits of Being Part of a Mentorship Program


Does the word mentor scare you? Maybe you don't know what the word Mentorship even means! These are thoughts I had before signing up for a mentorship program at my Co-op workplace.  I've learned that you don’t need to be super outgoing, nor do you need to have crazy goals. You just need to have an open mind and a desire to improve yourself.

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How to Ask for More Out of Your Position

OLC Blog

Deriving inspriation from her first post, "4 Reasons You Won't Regret Working in Customer Service", Sydney is back and ready to share more knowledge with you from her time in retail. In this article, you'll find Sydney's strategy for negotiating wage raises, work-term extensions and permanent positions. 

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On Breathing

Personal Development

We often forget that breathing is one of the most important things that we do in our daily lives. It is our constant reminder that we are alive. So take some time out of your day and discover what it means to breathe. 

By: Sarah Parkes 303 reads | 0 comments

Reasons to be Grateful

Personal Development

From an early age, we were taught to thank the people around us whenever we receive help or support, but we often forget to thank ourselves. Here are some healthy habits of gratitude that might help with finding the happiness and contentment we've all been searching for. 

By: Sarah Parkes 208 reads | 0 comments

Cultivating Resilience in Challenging Times

Personal Development

Finding our way through adversities and challenges can definitely be a stressful mission. But it is important to remember that "humans are resilient." Here are some strategies to help practice resilience in your day-to-day journey of personal growth and ways on how we can thrive in life's storms. 

By: Sarah Parkes 205 reads | 0 comments

4 Tips for Making the Most of a Slow Day at Work

Professional Development

Every job has its slow days every once in a while. Sometimes, all that free time can make you feel bored and unproductive. Ray shares 4 things he's done in the past during his Co-op work term to most of a slow day at work.

By: Ray Le 416 reads | 0 comments

7 Tips for Remote Facilitation Amidst a Global Pandemic


Congratulations! You’ve landed your first Co-op work term. But wait! There’s a catch (or two): you’re in the middle of a global pandemic, and you’re expected to lead a team in this new and not-so-improved virtual setting. Read Bita’s tips to feel more confident while conquering your very first Co-op in a position of leadership, all the while working remotely. 

By: Bita Gholamian 343 reads | 0 comments

Landing an Interview with Health Canada within 24 Hours

Health Canada

Are you currently in the process of securing a job interview? Melanie will take you on her journey and the series of events she took to not only reach out to her hiring manager, but also land an interview within the span of 24 hours. 

By: Melanie Yien 458 reads | 0 comments

How to Kick the Procrastination Monkey and Take the Wheel

Life Balance

Staying focused and getting things done can be something we all struggle with, especially when both work and play are online. What, then, is the "procrastination monkey", and how can you overcome the distraction it brings? Clarissa explains how to kick the monkey to the curb, and take control of your time and work. 

By: Clarissa Yap 548 reads | 0 comments

4 Reasons You Won't Regret Working in Customer Service

self directed work search

After spending 5 years in retail, Sydney was ready to pursue a career related to her studies. Looking back, although there were trials and tribulations, her time in customer service was a spectacular triumph as she developed new ways of communicating, leadership skills, and other attributes that have propelled her professional and personal development. 

By: Sydney Dahl 662 reads | 0 comments

Why You Should Consider Applying to Co-op Jobs Unrelated to Your Academic Background

Co-op Reflections

Like many other seeking Co-op students, Leslie struggled to find a co-op job that was relevant to her interests. While her friends were all able to eventually land jobs, Leslie started to feel more anxious and insecure about obtaining an opportunity. Here's how she turned the tables and found a job outside of her initial interests.

By: Leslie Hoang 390 reads | 0 comments

The Job-Hunting Journey: Portfolios and Soft Skills

Co-operative Education

Are you a SIAT Co-op student in the seeking process? Read Michelle's article on the job-hunting journey, and how with a strong portfolio and exemplary soft skills, you can excel in your interviews!

By: Michelle Swolfs 496 reads | 0 comments

The Path Towards My Dream Job at Tesla


Rick has wanted to work for Tesla ever since he started his undergrad degree at SFU. The path to Tesla hasn't been easy nor straightforward. Read on to learn how Rick's previous Co-op opportunities set him up for success when landing an internship in the Bay Area.

By: Rick Lin 416 reads | 0 comments

8 Reasons Why You Should Consider an 8-month Co-op Placement

Top Tip Lists

Emir was asked during his Co-op hiring interview if he would consider an 8-month placement. He was anxious about making it through 4 months, never mind 8. But soon enough the third month came around and Emir has a second chance to consider an extension. Here are his 8 reasons for why you should a Co-op extension.

By: Emir Avci 455 reads | 0 comments

After the Work Term Ends: 6 Tips for Turning that Co-op Position into a Part Time Job

Working Students

The end of a Co-op work term doesn't necessarily mean the end of your relationship with the organiziation you had been working for. Jaclyn found a way to turn her Co-op opportunity, a 8 month Co-op at FISPAN, into a part time gig when she went back to school to finish her degree. Read on to learn how she pitched her new role and position to the company she'd done a Co-op work term with.

By: Jaclyn Rainbow 277 reads | 0 comments

How Should We and Our Employers Prepare for Remote Working?

Co-operative Education

In a highly uncertain pandemic, working from home has become the new normal. Read about Emily's co-op experience with Sierra Wireless and find out what we can do to better our experience with remote working, both as an employer and an employee.

By: ZhiTong Zeng (Emily Zeng) 456 reads | 0 comments

Having the Best Co-op Work Experiences Even During Uncertain Times


When the COVID-19 hit, Kevin had to transition from working in person to working from home. Read on to find out what this experience was like and how Kevin was able to readjust to new working conditions. 

By: Kevin Kunimoto 334 reads | 0 comments

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Business — Things That Went Wrong for Us | Part Three

Communication, Art and Technology

Sometimes, things don't go as well as expected when launching a start-up business. David explains in Part Three of his blog series just what went wrong and what fellow peers should look out for if you're also interested in developing a business.

By: David Waizel 200 reads | 0 comments

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Business — Advice for Upcoming SFU Entrepreneurs | Part Two


Interested in starting a business but don’t know where to start? David explains in Part Two of his blog series what worked for him during his time establishing a start-up business. Read on to learn what tips he shares about the process of beginning your entrepreneurial journey. 

By: David Waizel 246 reads | 0 comments

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Business — How It All Started | Part One

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Business

Interested in starting a business but don’t know where to start? Don’t know if you can handle it because you’re a student? David has gone through it and succeeded in some ways while failing in others. Learn from his experience in this blog post so you can avoid making the same mistakes. 

By: David Waizel 299 reads | 0 comments

The Pros & Cons of Working for a Small Non-profit

Co-operative Education

Ever wondered what working for a non-profit is like? Further, have you ever wondered what working for an extremely small non-profit is like?In her article, Marisa describes what it was like to work at a youth sports-oriented non-profit where she collaborated with a small team of only three, and lists both the pros and cons of non-profit work. 

By: Marissa Raposo 718 reads | 0 comments

You Design, They Hold Stakes, We Make Cool Things: Becoming a Great Designer Is Simple, Right?

Workplace Success

As Karen points out, students of the Interactive Arts and Technology program have been through years of design school! Designers know how to use Adobe Suite like a pro, and know to bring their A-game to the table every day, proposing fascinating new directions and brand-new visionary ideas. While designers are hired to learn and bring some ‘fresh perspectives’ to their co-op workplace, read on to learn how they can overlook some key parts of the everyday designer.

By: Karen Lim 827 reads | 0 comments

Choosing a Co-op Offer Over Permanent Employment: How I Did It

Career Exploration

Vicky Leung is a Business Co-op student who found herself having to choose between the allure of a permanent position at a start-up company, which did not match the job description, and a Co-op position that was everything she imagined. Read Vicky’s 3 pieces of advice when making difficult decisions in the co-op program. 

By: Vicky Leung 286 reads | 0 comments

Staying Productive While Working Remotely for a Health Authority


Working from home is a common reality for many Co-op students in the past year. Working from home while working for a Health Authority in the thick of the pandemic is a tremendous experience Kaylla went through last year. Take a look at how she learned to stay productive in these uncertain times.

By: Kaylla Paran 748 reads | 0 comments

Can Ya Use Canva During a Communication Co-op Term?


In today's world of social media and aesthetics, the ability to create eye-catching and attractive content can be essential to a communication student's success in their co-op position. The problem is, programs like Photoshop and Indesign can be daunting to learn, and expensive to own. In his blog, Fareed explores whether Canva can be used as a more accessible platform for graphic design.  

By: Fareed Yaqub 946 reads | 0 comments
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