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Alumni Contibutions


Thank-you for choosing to share your career story. Sharing your journey is a great way to reflect on how far you've come and inspire current students. If you have a story in mind, then please submit it, but if you're having trouble getting started, use these prompts to put together a simple Q & A. Answer as many questions are you think are relevant, and feel free to add in your own additions.

Some basic information about you that you should include in your article:

        * Name

        * Current position

        * Academic career (degrees or certifications acquired, and when)

        * Major

        * Year you graduated 

Quick Quotes

Don’t have time to commit to an entire article, but still want to share your story? Submit your basic info with a few sentences on how SFU or one of our programs helped you find the career you have today. We’ll add it to a compilation article with other alumni quotes or share on our social streams.

Current Articles in Progress:

• Tips on Exceling in an interview.

• What was the first thing you did after convocation? (Besides celebrate!)

SFU Experience

• What programs did you engage in at SFU? (Co-op, International, Peer programs etc)
• Which clubs or organizations were you involved with?
•What were some of your most memorable experiences, and why?
• Did you join Co-op? If so, how many Co-op terms did you complete? Where?
• Do you feel that participating in the Co-op program, campus clubs, or a volunteer program gave you a competitive advantage when entering the workforce?
• Do you feel that this experience played an important part in where you are today?
• Did you have a favourite class or professor?
• If you had the chance to live your undergraduate career over again, would you choose to do anything differently?
• What academic or career advice do you have for current students?
• What was the best decision you made during your university career?
• During your time at SFU, which accomplishments are you most proud of?
• Before graduating, what did you think you'd be doing post-grad?

Post Graduation

• What life advice do you have to offer current students?
• Talk about where your career path has taken you since graduation.
• Were there any mentors that helped take you to where you are today?
• How did you find the transition from school to the work force?
• What was the most difficult change?
• How did your time at SFU impact your career?
• What advice do you have for undergraduates about how to succeed in such a competitive job market?
• Describe your current job, and how you got there.
• Anything else you’d like to say?

Bonus Info

• Name three words that best describe you.
• What is your life motto?
• Favourite quote?
• Best/hardest lesson learned?
• What are you most passionate about?
• Who in your field (or a career leader in general) do you admire?
• If you could go back in time, what advice would you offer your younger self?


Writing not your strongest asset? That doesn’t mean you can’t share your story. We’d love to interview you! Email us at or and we can set up an interview through email, over the phone, or in person.